University of Kansas School of Medicine - Salina Campus

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The University of Kansas School of Medicine opened a four year medical school in Salina in 2011. The University of Kansas School of Medicine's MD campus in Salina has been designed to address the critical shortage of rural physicians in the state. Salina is a city of about 50,000 people, located in north central Kansas. With just eight students admitted each year, the School of Medicine program is ideal for Kansas students who are self-motivated, independent learners who would enjoy working with a small group of peers for the duration of medical school, and who have a strong desire to practice primary care medicine in rural Kansas.

The KU School of Medicine-Salina is housed primarily in the Braddick Building on the Salina Regional Health Center Campus. In addition to the medical student classrooms the clinical skills labs, human anatomy lab, testing center, student study areas, and student lounge are all located in the Braddick Building.

The curriculum in Salina is identical to that at the School of Medicine campuses in Kansas City and Wichita. In the first two years, it is delivered by on-site and distance education. Lectures are given using interactive televideo, and podcasting is available for all students. These lectures and podcasts are supplemented with various types of clinical skills, laboratory and group activities. The Salina program features a core group of basic scientists backed by a large team of experts in all relevant basic science fields in Kansas City. During their third and fourth years, medical students will complete required elective clinical clerkships. These clerkships will be located at Salina Regional Health Center, local physician officies, and at other hospitals and physician offices in the region.

Salina has a vibrant and active medical community with about 135 physicians practicing all specialties at the Salina Regional Health Center, a 385-bed regional hospital. This hospital serves as a major referral center for patients and critical access hospitals from a wide geographic region. It has a strong family medicine residency program, supported by a Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC) medical-home practice. The city has a 50:50 mix of specialty-to-primary care physicians in Salina. The physician-to-student ratio is over 4:1. Learn more about the University of Kansas School of Medicine at Salina at ////

The KU School of Medicine-Salina campus is the smallest allopathic medical school in the country and has received national attention. Check out an article in the New York Times about the med school: